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Divergent Projections

How much has District 833's enrollment increased over the past four years?

At the June 2022 District 833 School Board workshop, a chart was presented showing recent enrollment in the District and projected enrollment out to 2026-27. This chart is VERY different from what is included in the District's facility plan (which is over 2,000 student higher for 2026-27).

While these divergent projections are important, we learn something looking back. Over the past 4 years, amidst robust residential development in Cottage Grove, Woodbury, and even Newport, the District gained zero students. In fact, K-12 enrollment has actually DECREASED slightly.

Given this recent history, how are we supposed to have confidence in the rosy projections (3,500 new students in the next 10 years) the District is using to justify the largest referendum in state history?